Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is a South Korean multinational company with its headquarter in Samsung town, Seoul. It has many affiliated and subsidiary business along with it. Samsung is very famous in the telephony industry and produces different models of smart phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8

On Feb 2017 Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 as this is considered to be a happening month for the smart phone industry and for Samsung as well. The releasing of the Galaxy note 5 became very successful and has increased the name and fame of Samsung as it wants to continue releasing more models of the smart phones in order to increase their profits too. The Galaxy S6 launching would be followed by the launch of “Galaxy S8” it would belong to the “Beast” category as Galaxy S7 too would belong here. The launching of Galaxy S8 would be great for the company. Before Galaxy S7 Samsung had launched Galaxy S6 last year in March and now it would unveil another new model Galaxy S8.

Those customers who are ardent fans of Samsung would always want to use the new models of the mobile phones and would expect some great features from the Galaxy S8. If Samsung is able to stand to the expectations of the customers then that would be too good for the company. Let’s see the Galaxy S series a bit in detail and its existence. Samsung had announced the Galaxy S series and that proved to turn tables for Samsung, with the launch of this series it witnessed huge profits and that is when it saw its peak of popularity and every 1 out of 10 people had in its possession the Samsung mobile phone.  Gradually with the coming up of many smart phones production companies it effected the sales of Samsung, yet it is creating wonders in the market and is witnessing extensive publicity.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the main focus of our topic which we are discussing:-

Rumors Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Release Date March 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S series:-

The humble beginning of this series started with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6, this is the smart phone that created wonders and had spell bound effect on its customers, not only locally but globally also. It was the most elegant and standalone mobile phone in the year 2015 that deserved to be placed in the “dream phone” category with many amazing features. At that time Android was developed and was chosen by Samsung. Yet how did the South Korean Titan get to be so powerful in the market. Few years ago we couldn’t have thought about the smart phone even to have a simple phone was considered a great thing.

  • Galaxy S8 release date possibility:-

May be it is not the right time to speak about the release date of Galaxy S8 but prediction can be made.

  1. When a smart phone model is launched each and every company tries to come out with the best that would appeal to the customers by having a unique feature and principle affordability.
  1. Samsung’s series of Galaxy S and Note would have to face tough competition after the release of Apple iPhone 7, therefore if Samsung really wants to compete with Apple it must come out with some hot and happening features that would compel the customers to shift their attention from Apple to Samsung.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 has been released in Feb 2016.

There is a possibility of the Galaxy S8 to be released in the coming Feb/March 2017 as the company would at least require a year to release the next model in the same series, well the date isn’t sure but we can only predict from the hot rumors and gossips availability on the web.

  • The previous year’s trends:-
  • Galaxy S4 released March 2013
  • Galaxy S5 released March 2014
  • Galaxy S6 released March 2015
  • Galaxy S7 released February 2016
  • Galaxy S8 release on March 2017 most probably

There are a lot of rumors spread around that the Galaxy S8 would have a lot of new features to the smart phone and its release would be too exciting and anxiously awaited for. Much was expected from the release.

Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Edge-Release-Date-Rumors-on-the-March-2017-Worldwide Launch

  • Galaxy S8 specifications and features:-

Finally we would be able to discuss about the specifications and features of Galaxy S8.

  1. Memory:-

There would be LDDR4, 8 GB memory modules that would be placed in the 4GB ram box. Some more advanced chips are being created at the “lower nano scale” that is LDDR4 that would fit in the 6GB ram.

  1. Ram:-

Galaxy S8 would be having 6GB ram that should boost the specs of this mobile phone and make it super-fast.

  1. HMP technology :-

The cyclone HMP technology was used by Apple in their latest iphone chipset and it would support 6 instructions per cycle which would enhance the performance of the device 2X that was around 3 instructions per cycle last year.

  1. Processor:-

Samsung S7 had 64 bit Octa core Exynos processor based on a 14nm processor which replaced the Quailcomm chip, therefore it can be expected that Galaxy S7 would have nothing less than “True Octa core 3.X Ghz processor”. The frequency would be 3.X+Ghz as Samsung is trying very hard to revolutionize the technology display. S7 had the 5.1 inches (~72.1% screen-to-body ratio) 1440 x 2560 pixels (~577 ppi pixel density). Therefore there is a possibility of Galaxy S8 having a super AMOLED 4K display with 5.5 inch screen functioning on a software front of Android 6.0.X.

  1. Camera:-

Samsung has always done well when it came to the camera of the smart phone which is a bold stream device. S7 had a 12mp rear and 5.1mp front and device with F1.9 lenses and also had high resolution sensors on both fronts, it had the auto real time high dynamic range (HDR) smart optical image stabilization (OIS) and IR detect while balance provides advanced light sensitivities and crisp camera solutions too. S8 would have 16mp rear camera with ultra-low light sensitivity sensor and 7Xmp front end camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8

When compiled S8 would have the following specifications:-

  • True Octa- core 3XGhz processor
  • 3D 4K resolution display or 2K flexible display measuring 5.2 inches
  • 6 GB ram
  • 30mp ultra low light sensitivity sensor
  • Ultra- fast finger print detective sensor

More cannot be said about the smart phone as there is still some time for its release and based on the previous devices prices some prediction regarding Galaxy S8 can be made and for sure S8 would be high priced as compared to the previous models.

When the Galaxy S7 is launched then only we would be able to be particular about the price.


Samsung S8 would be the world’s first revolutionized smart phone that would take the smart phone technology to the next level.

Update Galaxy S8 Edge:-

This mobile will be having a display of 5 inches and would have similar specs and features as the Galaxy S8, its edgy display would attract the people to buy it. It would be having many features, the only thing is that you would have to wait for it. When you are so excited and you want the mobile phone right away then having to wait for it would really be heart breaking. Well let’s hope for the best to come and wait happily for the good thing to come to us.